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We Are Lumine

We are a creative international brand leadership and marketing agency. We specialize in marketing, strategy, social media marketing, content strategy and content creation. We are great at fostering game-changing connections between brands and customers. With a diverse knowledge about South African, Japanese and American culture, we have the expertise to transform brands into thought leaders across various international markets.

Powered by Strategic Thinking 

We build brand identities from the ground up and elevating existing brands into names that make an impact in the world. At We Are Lumine, we go above and beyond in developing innovative solutions to make your brand unique, instantly recognizable, and crystal clear in its messaging. 

Building Meaningful Brand Connections

Our Services 

Brand Identity and Strategy

We will help you develop the essence of your brand by defining your brand identity, goals, voice, messaging, and craft a comprehensive brand strategy that will guide your long-term actions.

Visual Identity Development

What does your brand look like? Our specialists will design a compelling visual identity that aligns with your brand and stands out in a cluttered marketplace, ranging from logos and color palettes to advertising and marketing materials.

Brand Health Check

Just like your doctor, we help you improve your overall brand health by diagnosing bad practices and developing solutions to boost customer experiences, increase employee satisfaction, refine brand values, and more.

Digital Marketing

We will help you nurture lasting relationships with your customers through digital strategies, content marketing, social media management, and online advertising services.

Advertising and Branding

Whether your goal is to create brand awareness, brand loyalty, or conversions, our advertising team will create just the right campaign for your needs.

Internet Research and
Data Analysis

We conduct in-depth web research and data analysis on your brand, industry, or indirect competitors to provide meaningful insights that you can translate into actionable, value-driven decisions for your business.

How Do We Do It?

Our Strategic ROI Approach

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Branding & Strategy

Launch & Analytics

Design & Execution

Research & Insights

Are YOU Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Do you have an exciting branding project to share?  We'd love to hear about it.

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Work with us to get world-class branding, design, and marketing insights that will transform the face of your business and it's market impact. Send us a message here or get in touch with us below! 

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